Context Menu Options

Applies to version 1.0.6 and newer.
You can control and customize Stopwatch through the context menu.

Access the context menu by right-clicking anywhere in the main window or on the notification icon in the system tray:
NotifyIcon.jpg contextMain.jpg

Add a Label to the Stopwatch
  • Using the mouse, highlight the first item labeled "Stopwatch" and begin typing. You will notice the title of the stopwatch will change.

Control the Stopwatch
  • Select Start, Pause, or Reset to start, pause, or zero the counter.

Set the Startup Position
  • Selecting the Position menu item and choose:
    • Always Center: This option will always center the stopwatch window when you start the program. You can move the stopwatch anywhere on screen.
    • Always Save: This option will save the stopwatch's position and start the program in that location.

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